The Dandelion

Everyday that I go to work, I always look and see these yellow flowers in the midst of the green grass and tiny blue flowers that are sprinkled on the yards. I always admire these tiny flowers because even though they may be considered weeds to you, I consider them another example of God’s creation and I will most certainly tell you why!

I learned about these flowers while studying Biology. My teacher brought them up during a class lecture of how Biology relates to Charles Darwin. He was mentioned in my book because his work was worth reading.  You see, I have to give credit where it is due. Darwin was a great scientist. He studied and studied, and while writing his book, he kept going back over his work. He was thorough in making sure his evidence supported his work. However, as he did this, he found that many (all) things that he came up with could be shown wrong if things were found or not. For instance the pretty little dandelion that gets passed off as weeds :).  Darwin said that if we could find anything in nature that produced something for something else, without getting anything back in return, that would prove his theory wrong.

And we DID!

This evidence against Darwin is found all through out creation! This little flower is asexual. That means that it doesn’t need anything to carry pollen to an egg of another flower. In most other cases, this is not the case. Birds, water, wind, bees, butterflies, etc. carry the pollen of male plants to the eggs of female plant. While the bees are getting their nectar, they are helping the plants reproduce, that is one of the reasons the flowers are a certain color (to attract certain things), and produce that nectar to keep the bugs working for them. Well, the dandelion produces this nectar for no reason then! What do you think about that! All that work for the bees and nothing gained.

Well, after the dandelion gets done with this stage, it folds up in a way that resembles it dying but really it is just producing the seed. When it closes, the aphids crawl up it to make it even more of a show that it is putting on, but when that flower opens up again, it turned white and fuzzy! After that, the wind (or some small child blowing it to make a wish, or some animal walking past) carries the seed away to plant somewhere else.

This is my favorite flower because it not only showed to us that Darwin was wrong, but it resembles Christ.

He came to this old world (the original seed), He grew up, and lived a sinless life serving others for only the glory He deserved (the way the dandelion produced nectar for the bees). He was accused and was hung on the cross to die, and by doing so, He because the final sacrifice for sin. He was put into a tomb with soldiers around to guard it and a stone sealing it (the way the dandelion curled up and aphids crawled up). Three days later He rose (the way the dandelion popped out with seeds)! His life story was spread by the Holy Spirit, His disciples, and people like Paul and Timothy so that others may know of His gift that is to all people (the wind carrying the seed).

Every time the dandelion goes through this cycle, it reminds me that there is always hope and new life awaiting 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Dandelion

  1. Very thought provoking. I am not going to stop removing dandelions from my lawn, but every time I see one it will now remind me of my Lord. Thank you Katie.

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